zaterdag 14 juli 2012

(Sung in the form of an Anglican chant)

The Highway Code part one, the road user on foot, walking alone
Where there is a pavement or adequate footpath, use it
On a pavement or footpath
Do not walk next to the kerb with your back to the traffic
Do not step into the road without first looking
Where there is no adequate footpath
Walk on the right of the road to face oncoming traffic
Do not loiter in the roadway or walk along cycle tracks
A marching body on the road should keep on the left-hand side
It should have look-outs at suitable distances at the front and rear
And at night they should carry lights
White at the front of the column and red at the rear

Always use subways, footbridges, pedestrian crossings or central
refuges when provided
Otherwise, cross where you have a clear view of the road both ways
Take extra care if your view is limited
By stationary vehicles or other obstruc-cions
Before you cross, stop at the kerb
Look right, look left, and right again
Do not cross until the road is clear
Then cross at right-angles, keeping a careful lookout all the time

When you have stepped off the kerb onto a Zebra Crossing
Which must have black and white stripes, studs and ligh-ted beacons
You have the right-of-way
But allow approaching vehicles ample time to give way
Especially if the road is wet or icy
When crossing the road at junctions
Lookout for vehicles turning the corner
Do not cross the road, either at a Zebra Crossing or elsewhere
Against a signal to stop by a Police Officer controlling traffic

Do not get on or off a bus or tram while it is moving
Or when it is not at a recogni-zed stopping place
Do not step out suddenly from behind a stationary or slowly moving
bus or tram
If you want to get on one at a request stop
Give a clear signal for it to stop
And do not step into the road until it has stop-ped

Prepare-red by the Ministry Of Transport And Civil Avia-cion
And the Central Office Of Informa-cion
The Mastersingers – 1966

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